National Ataxia Summit - 2022 -- October 08,2022 

Our Objectives

  • To spread awareness about Ataxia especially among ataxia patients as well as medical professional bodies and society.
  • To provide proper medical information about ataxia and counseling in coping to live with Ataxia to ataxia patients and their family members.
  • To share information about financial, medical, educational grants and other benefits given by Government of India to which ataxia patients are entitled.
  • To find out volunteers who can contribute their time and energy for the welfare of Ataxia.
  • To publish newsletters, articles etc. highlighting the needs and simple ideas which are beneficial for managing daily life of Ataxia patients.
  • To prepare database of ataxia patients all over India.
  • To conduct development and training projects, community Health Programs, family welfare Programs, Adult Literacy Programs, Functional Education Class and to provide homes for the aged, handicapped and retarded, mother and child health centers, Crèches etc. to ataxia patients only.
  • To encourage, facilitate and support genetic testing of patients and first degree relatives for confirmation of diagnosis and counseling.
  • To encourage and facilitate participation of Ataxia patents and preclinical carriers in research trials and studies.
  • To encourage and facilitate patient and care givers to write their stories for sharing and publishing.
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