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March 12,2019

Oral presentations at International Conferences- 

1. Oral presentation on “Psychological, behavioural, social, ethical and research aspects” in Recent Advances in Molecular Mechanisms of Neurological Disorders  conference organized by SNCI (Society for Neurochemistry,India) at AIIMS ,Delhi in Feb 2013.   2. Oral presentation on “FRDA  in India : Its management and Mathematical modeling “in  DSHD (DNA Structure in Health and Disease) congress on FA held at AIIMS ,Delhi in April 2015.  3. Oral presentation on “Magnetic nanoparticle approach to control degeneration in FRDA” in 14th International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology held at Madrid, Spain during 30-31 March 2017. 4. Poster presentation on Application of Nanotechnoloy in FRDA Drug Research in International Ataxia Research Conference (IARC) to be held at Pisa,Italy during 27 – 30 Sept. 2017. 


1) Mathematical Modelling of FRDA (in guidance of  Dr. D.K. Wagh, Ph.D. in mathematics). This work is published in the Journal of Ultra Scientist for Physical JUSPS-A Vol.29 (2),66 – 70 (2017)

2) Magnetic Nanoparticle/Magnetic Fluid Approach to Control Neuromuscular Degeneration In Friedreich’s Ataxia (in guidance of Dr. D.K. Wagh, Ph.D. in mathematics).This work is published in International Journal of Nanotechnology and Application ISSN – 0976631X Volume 11 , Number 3 (2017) , pp.  277-283  @Research Indi Publication ,

3) “Modelling of Friedreich’s Ataxia and other Genetic Disorders as Defective / Noisy Genetic Information Processing".This work is published in Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences, Volume 30, Issue 12, Page Number 409-412, 2018 

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