Medical check up camp

January 11,2020

It is the objective of AAS to help Ataxia patients .Recently we came to know that there are few families in which 3 to 4 members in each family have problems that resemble Ataxia. So, AAS team visited at the location and found out that these people are completely unaware of problems like Ataxia. So AAS decided to organise a camp in Balda colony, near Mhow Naka, Indore on 11th January 2020.
In this camp, Dr. Apoorva Pauranik examined each patient thoroughly and diagnosed them. Many of them were found to have Ataxia. Physiotherapist Dr. Bhavesh Chaudhari and Dr. Deepak Gadwal suggested physiotherapy exercises to ataxia patients. Speech therapist Dr.Vibhuti Birthare prescribed speech therapy workouts to these patients.
AAS distributed three wheelchairs to needy ataxia patients from Mhow.AAS is trying to arrange training courses for ataxia patients.
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