Patients Get – Together

October 13,2019

Report of Patients Get – Together

A Program of Patients Get – Together was organized by Ataxia Awareness Society (AAS) at Pauranik Neuro Centre, Near Residency Club, on Sunday, October 13, 2019 between 11AM to 3PM.The main objective of the program was to give in depth knowledge to patients and their care takers as how to improve the quality of life, and to develop friendly relations. It received an overwhelming response as ataxia patients from Indore as well as from nearby places attended in large number.  

The program initiated with a beautiful and motivational song sung by Mrs. Sudha Wagh and by Mrs. Jyoti Joshi. During the event, every patient was given a chance to perform different activities to build up their confidence level and also helped to suppress their hesitation before the audience. To encourage and motivate Ataxia patient’s gifts were offered to them after each performance.

AAS also invited some specialist doctors such as Dr. Apoorva Pauranik (Neurologist and Patron of AAS), Dr. Subhash Garg (Occupational Therapist) from Shri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS), and Dr. Bhavesh Chaudhari (Physiotherapist). Patients and their family members discussed health related issues with them. In addition to this Dr. Vibhuti Birthare (Speech Therapist) demonstrated variety of pronunciations and speech therapy exercises for ataxia patients. She also explained them how to speak with clarity so that they are audible to others, and to improve the quality of life besides the problems associated with them.

The program was conducted by the Mrs. Rashmi Vyas.

The program concluded after serving lunch to all volunteers, patients and invited guests.

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