Speech therapy workshop

January 12,2019

Report on Speech Therapy

A Camp on Speech therapy was organized by Ataxia Awareness Society (AAS),  at Pauranik Neuro Center, Vijay Nagar on Saturday, 12th January,  between 2:30 PM to 5 PM. The event was organized to give in depth knowledge about speech to ataxia patients. The camp received an overwhelming response as ataxia patients from Indore as well as nearby places like Khargone,  Mhow attend in large number to learn Speech therapy. 

Dr. Nirnay Kumar (Speech therapist)  and Ms.Vibhuti Birthare demonstrates variety of pronunciations and speech therapy exercises for ataxia patients.  The basic objective behind organizing a speech therapy camp was to help ataxia patients,  so that they can speak with clarity,  and as well as audible to others. 

AAS also donated walking equipments like walking stick, Walker, crutches to needy ataxia patients, so that they can perform their routine work and other day - to - day activities with ease without depending on anyone. 

The facilitation ceremony of renowned Speech therapist Dr. Nirnay Kumar and Neurophysiotherapist Dr. Bhavesh Choudhary was done by AAS. Dr. Bhavesh Chaudhary supported AAS by preparing excellent videos of physiotherapy exercies for Ataxia Patients. 

The camp concluded after serving tea and refreshments to all the volunteers,  patients and invited guests.

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