Physiotherapy workshop

October 06,2018

Report on Physiotherapy

A Camp on “Balancing Exercises for Ataxia Patients” was organized by Ataxia Awareness Society (AAS) in association with Kanishk Clinic, Vijay Nagar, Indore on Saturday, October 06, 2018 from 3.30 P.M. – 06.30 P.M. The Camp received an overwhelming response as Ataxia patients from Indore as well as nearby places like Khargone, Khandwa attended in large number to learn Balancing Exercises.

Kanishk Clinic is managed and run by the team of four doctors’ namely – Dr. Sudarshan Joshi, Dr. Payàl Jain, Dr.Mohit Madan and Dr. Madhulika Sethiya. The initial check up o f all the patients was done by Dr. Ahana Pauranik for recording the case history of ataxia patients. This was followed by recording the body balance of Ataxia patients on Body Balancing Machine, where the analysis of body balance of Ataxia Patients was done by Dr. Madhulika Sethiya to identify the weak areas of body balance in patients. Based on weak areas identified by body balancing machine, the patients were given advice for improving their weak area and body balance while walking

Dr. Deepak Gadwal, Neuro - Physiotherapist demonstrated variety of body balancing exercises for ataxia patients. The basic objective behind organizing Balancing Exercises Camp was to help Ataxia patients, so that they can perform their routine and other day-to-day activities themselves without depending on anyone. 

The felicitation ceremony of renowned neuro physicist Dr. Apoorva Pauranik was also organized by AAS. Dr. Apoorva Pauranik who recently retired from M Y Hospital, Indore on September 30, 2018 after attaining the age of superannuation assured to offer his services for Ataxia patients. Ms. Esha Mittal and Ms. Swasti Wagh accorded floral welcome to Dr. Apoorva Pauranik and presented him with a bouquet of flowers. He addressed all the persons present there in the camp and motivated Ataxia patients.

The Camp concluded after serving tea and refreshments to all the volunteers, patients and invited guests. 

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